Weight Loss Smoothies: Make Your Own Green Smoothie

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Green Smoothie Benefits:

1. More Energy
     If you’re feeling tired often without any reasons why. Maybe its your diet intake. Having a green smoothie here and there gives you that boost you need.

2. Regular Digestion
     With a smoothie like this, the feeling of constipation will dwindle. This is a healthy and natural way to keep you going regularly.
3. Experience fewer cravings for sugary and salty processed food
 For those who have that sweet tooth you can’t shake. Drinking this will lessen the need of sugary treats. Imagine the weight loss because you cut those cravings!!

4. Receive fewer mood swings
 Some moments you’re sweet as a peach then in the next moment you feel like ripping someone’s head off. Decrease the mood swings with a sip of this and hopefully it will naturally help with the mood swings.

5. Lose weight!
     This is one of the great perks of drinking green! The stubborn pounds you wish to take off, you can just drink those away.

6. Your skin becomes radiant!
Want that “glowing” appeal. Green smoothies supplies you with the energy, vitamins and minerals to give your skin a youthful, sexy glow.

7. You may feel an urge to start exercising.
     With that boost of energy I shared with you earlier can get you in the mood to blow off some steam the healthy way.

9. Hair and nails grow in faster and stronger
Am I missing any benefits. Tell us your opinions on green smoothies.

 Have any great recipes to share? Tell us? And I’ll definitely make sure to give it a try and share my thoughts. Weight Loss Smoothies: Make Your Own Green Smoothie

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