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Weight Loss Smoothies: Green Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss

I am a big fan of Green  Smoothies. Friends so Now I have this delicious Green Smoothie Recipe for you.  This Green Smoothie takes just a couple minutes to make, and it is dairy free and vegan. I have used ingredients like spinach, fruit, and coconut milk in this Weight Loss Smoothie. It is so perfect for busy mornings […]

Weight Loss Smoothies: High Protein Strawberry Flax Seed Smoothie

Strawberry Flax Seed Smoothie is perfect for summer. This healthy, simple and easy strawberry smoothie ideal for people who want to lose weight, because flax seeds are low in carbohydrates, but it is rich in fats and fiber. Strawberry Smoothies can be highly nutritious, depending on what you add in them. Here we are adding healthy dose of […]

Weight Loss Smoothies: Strawberry cherry smoothie

Here in this Strawberry Cherry Smoothie, we have combined yummy taste of strawberries with cherries. This cherry strawberry smoothie is sure to please your taste buds. If you like ice smoothie, put your fruits in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours before blending. So enjoy your summer with this fruit smoothie. Link to this […]

Weight Loss Smoothies: Almond Butter Smoothie for Weight Loss

Start your day refreshed with this Almond Butter Smoothie for Weight Loss. This Healthy Smoothie made with Almond Milk is having a few ingredients and it is so easy to make. I have used coconut milk, almond butter and sweetened with banana. Today I was not thinking of making any smoothie but now I am […]

Weight Loss Smoothies: The Post Work Out Smoothie

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