Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

I love Scrambled Egg Bowls. Protein packed, fluffy eggs with yummy toppings for breakfast are a satisfying and healthy start to a day.

Scrambled Egg Bowls are also great for a fun DIY brunch. Make or assemble all the toppings you can the night before (shredded cheeses, sliced olives, herbs, etc.) place them in a divided serving dish and set them in the fridge. Make up a batch of scrambled eggs in the morning and your guests can make their own creations from the available assorted toppings.

Here’s 4 of the Scrambled Egg Bowls I’ve made recently as inspiration…

Eggface%2BScrambled%2BEgg%2BBowls%2BBreakfast%2BRecipes Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

Pizza: Scrambled Eggs, Shredded Mozzarella, Mini Pepperoni, Sauteed Mushrooms, Black Olives, Basil

Scrambled%2BEgg%2BBowl%2BItalian%2BPizza%2BEggface Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

Mexican: Scrambled Eggs, Shredded Monterrey Jack, Fresh Salsa, Sliced Avocado

Scrambled%2BEgg%2BBowl%2BMexican%2BSalsa%2BAvocado%2BCheese%2BEggface Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

Asian: Scrambled Eggs, Sauteed Mushrooms Bean Sprouts and Green Onion in a dash of Soy Sauce

Scrambled%2BEgg%2BBowl%2BAsian%2BEgg%2BFoo%2BYung%2BYoung%2BEggface Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

Greek: Scrambled Eggs, Crumbled Feta Cheese, Black Olives, Oregano

Scrambled%2BEgg%2BBowl%2BGreek%2BFeta%2BBlack%2BOlive%2BEggface Weight Loss Recipes Scrambled Egg Bowls

Cook’s Note: For a quick and easy week make a batch of Scrambled Egg Bowls on Sunday then reheat them in the microwave. They keep in the fridge, covered for a couple of days fine or freeze them and bring down into the fridge the night before. Microwave a minute or so to reheat (these steamers are great for reheating foods.) Perfect for breakfast or I’ve been known to have them for dinner.

I like making my own versus store bought because most store bought have white potatoes in them (I personally don’t eat those on my weight loss journey.) Atkins makes a couple of breakfast bowls that have no potatoes though like most packaged meals the sodium is a little on the high side. Make your own if you can and control what goes in them.

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