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Weight Loss Recipes New Product Alert: Trader Joe’s Organic Riced Cauliflower

I absolutely love using cauliflower as a replacement for rice. I’ve made a great Sicilian Rice-less Rice Stuffing (Cabbaliata) that is part of my Thanksgiving feast, a Deconstructed Riceless Sicilian “Rice Balls” (Arancini) and a Chinese Fried Rice-less Rice and I’ve loved them all but… dragging out the food processor to whiz up the cauliflower […]

Weight Loss Recipes New Product Alert – Trader Joe’s (Jose’s) Chicken Asada

I spotted this the other day at Trader Joe’s and tossed it in my cart. Trader Joes (José’s) Chicken Asada, is a fully cooked, heat-and-serve marinated chicken dish. The chicken is marinated in fruit juices then grilled with mild poblano and red peppers and sweet onion. To prepare all you need to do is microwave […]

Weight Loss Recipes Happy Fall! Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Soup

It’s back! Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Soup. I absolutely fell in love with this soup last year but it’s one of those seasonal items at Trader Joe’s so when the holidays are over it’s gone. I was roaming the aisles yesterday and was so jazzed to see it back. Ummm, I might have bought 10. It’s […]