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Weight Loss Recipes Winter Issue of Weight Matters Magazine

For my friends with kiddos, I wanted to bring your attention to the Winter issue of Weight Matters Magazine. I had the privilege of writing this issue’s Kids Korner article. I loved writing this article. Early childhood education is my first love so it was nice to be able to tap into that creative side. […]

Weight Loss Recipes Lemon Blueberry Mini Protein Muffins featuring Premier Protein

This post is sponsored by Premier ProteinĀ®. I’m excited to share this new recipe featuring Premier Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder with you.  Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Easy and Healthy Dinner: Cauliflower Rice

Looking for an easy and healthy dinner idea… I love Cauliflower “rice” it not only gives me my take-out food fix but preparing it almost as fast as going to pick up take out. It only has 20 calories per cup (plain) and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It’s way lower in carbs than white […]

Weight Loss Recipes The Best Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Have you noticed that almost all peanut butter cookies have a crosshatch pattern on the top? It sort of reminds me of a hashtag but of course, peanut butter cookies were happening long before the Internet. I am #OBSESSED with these sugar-free, lower fat, no white flour peanut butter cookies. Pressing the little hashtag design […]

Weight Loss Recipes Holiday Breakfast: Snow People Ricotta Pancakes

After all the gifts are opened Christmas morning how about making snow people. What? There’s no snow where you live? Well, that’s no problem. Here’s a Christmas (or all winter long) protein-packed, low carb, bariatric surgery post-op friendly breakfast idea that will become a fun holiday memory for the whole family. Link to this post!