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Weight Loss Recipes Breakfast Ideas with Premier Protein

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. I’m excited to share some of my favorite breakfast recipes and ideas featuring Premier Protein Shakes and Bars with you. Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Mother’s Day Brunch and Gift Ideas

Nothing says “I love you Mom, You’re the best” like letting them sleep in while you make them breakfast or brunch. You may think post bariatric surgery you might have to eliminate this tradition but you’d be wrong, unless Mom (or Grandma) is a very new post-op any of these recipes should work out fine. […]

Weight Loss Recipes Premier Protein 5 Fun and Festive Ideas for a Happy and Healthy Easter

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. I’m excited to share a couple of my favorite recipes featuring Premier Protein Shakes with you and fun activities to get everyone moving this holiday weekend. Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Lunch: Protein On-the-Go Product Finds and Bento Box Ideas

I was chatting with a reader the other day about all the quick protein-on-the-go options that we’ve spotted lately. We disagreed on a few we liked or didn’t care for but agreed, that it’s nice to have more choices. Now some are definitely healthier (watch those sodium, nitrates/nitrites, portion sizes, etc.) and some are tastier […]

Weight Loss Recipes Healthy Super Bowl Recipes and Ideas

Well it’s football’s biggest game this weekend and while I’m not a huge fan (ice hockey and the PBR are more my thing) like most of America I’ll tune into the Super Bowl because even if the game isn’t so great you’ve got friends and family, watercooler chat worthy commercials, the halftime show (it’s Lady […]