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Weight Loss Recipes Healthy DIY, Homemade & Budget Gift Ideas

As promised, a few of my favorite DIY, Homemade & Budget Gift Ideas perfect for the health conscious friends and family in your life… Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Healthy Snacks: Homemade Chocolate Protein Spread

Stop the presses, hold the phone, drop the mic. I love this spread. LOVE IT! If you were/are a fan of those Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads or Cookie Butters and would like a healthier alternative… this is it. Link to this post!

Skin Brightening Faq

Any tips for skin whitening? some parts of my body are darker than the rest… like my underarm or on my panty string… how do i "fix" these dark spots? I dunno, Michael Jackson may be online later. use whitner to be. available within the market… and have plenty of hose down. wash with hose…

All About Skin Lightening

[waw_video video="gxuXpup3_Ag" hoplink=""] that safe?100% YESSSS, all raw materials used is organic plus no preservative chemical attached Crystal Plus Beauty and Body Essentials * Carefully Chosen Ingredients * No Preservatives (No Costic Acids) 5 years Shelf Life for other brands compared to Crystal Plus products for only 2 years * First company to incorporate STEM […]

Acne Vulgaris

[waw_video video="g4V7sCUrArg" hoplink=""] ◄◄ – NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING – NATURAL SKIN WHITENING – NATURAL SKIN BLEACHING Having lighter skin is the desire of many people. There are a lot of different methods and thousands of products on the market that claim to have the solution on How to Quickly skin lightening. Unfortunately, most of these […]