The Jackie Warner Fitness Experience

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The Jackie Warner Fitness Experience

Author: Yvette Craddock

You’ve seen this entrepreneurial force of nature on her highly rated Bravo television series “Work Out”. Her SkySport&Spa fitness empire has recently expanded to include a new DVD, a 100% organic green blend protein shake, an apparel collection and forthcoming projects which include a nutrition bar and a book. And she still has time to find new ways to kick your butt into shape.

 Recently I was privileged to undergo a rather humbling experience at her Beverly Hills SkySport&Spa Bootcamp. That adventure was shortly followed by a workout to her new 60-minute fitness DVD. If you think she’s tough on TV, you haven’t seen anything yet.  She is no other than fitness innovator Jackie Warner.

Jackie is a big personality whose no-nonsense, bottom-line approach exudes both confidence and compassion. Her message is direct, focused and purveys choices – the rewards and consequences. When it comes to getting into shape and leading a healthier lifestyle, Jackie states, “There are no excuses. Don’t over think it. Just do the work.” Her compassion comes through with her evangelical soliloquies about the sort of empowerment that anyone can achieve by simply making the choice to change through exercise and eating right. That change, which begins as soon as you take action, will propel you to carry yourself with more strength, confidence and positivity, which will permeate the energy around you. Her infectious plea is delivered with passionate authenticity.

Jackie’s Workout Philosophy

Her fitness journey and self-proclaimed “stronger purpose” began when she helped a former colleague achieve a major body/life shift through diet, counseling and training. Since then, she’s honed her skills training celebrities for red carpet events with nearly impossible timeframes, such as one week, to garner visible results. Through these assignments, she developed Power Circuit Training (PCT) which works muscles to exhaustion. PCT is the premise for her 60-minute bootcamps, which combine cardio, resistance training and mat exercises to simultaneously work the upper and lower body with no rest. Every move is performed with contracted abs – her secret to a great mid-section. 

Essentially, the PCT method is weight training followed up with an exercise that uses the same muscle groups with your own body resistance to fatigue.  Example #1: Perform a set of chest presses with dumbbells to fatigue. Then repeat with a set of push-ups to fatigue.  Example #2:  Do a set of leg presses with weights. Next, perform squats – until you can’t stand.

These exercises are based upon her fitness “F” trifecta: 1) performing the ideal function 2) with perfect form 3) to reach total muscle fatigue. When the trifecta hits, your body chemistry starts changing, your muscles immediately respond and the transformation begins. Jackie’s a stickler for excellence and emphasizes that perfect form and technique are critical.  When you perform exercises with the proper technique, you shorten the timeline to obtain results.

Her Inspiration

Exaggerated timelines are what make most people give up on big life changes. Jackie attributes this to people lacking tools. “They will join a gym and then don’t know how to use the equipment to maximize results. At that point they generally give up.”  So, at SkySport&Spa, she makes sure that she has the best tools for her clients to use in order to achieve results. 

Over the past few years, Jackie noticed a growing and underserved clientele that most likely lacked many tools they needed to make changes that they deeply desired. She dedicates a large portion of her time and energy to her SkyLab project which is an all-inclusive, life-changing camp designed for overweight clients. This program has become her source of inspiration. “I’m addicted to seeing people transform their bodies and lives. This translates to their love lives, families, careers – everything.” 

By featuring the SkyLab program on “Work Out”, she has exposed it to approximately a million people. This audience includes people who fly in from all over the world to meet and train with her. Within five minutes, she can emphatically ascertain what is holding them back from progress. She actually credits “Work Out” for her development of empathy, which she says was a weak point for her prior to the show. Now, she can really connect with people on a deeper level to help them break through their obstacles.

The next SkyLab camp begins in the last week of August and is a six day program with follow-up support. A maximum of 50 people are accepted after screening with physician approval and release.

Jackie’s Nutrition Prescription

One of the three prongs to SkyLab’s success recipe is nutritional education. She has been a staunch and loud opponent to sugar, which she vehemently describes as “the Devil”.  She says that sugar intake should be capped at 9g for any food. So, learn to read labels! Studies show that refined sugar cravings actually decrease with more whole fruit consumption. 

 Another of Jackie’s observations about the American diet in particular is its lack of essential nutrients.  Her solution to these key missing nutrients is her new product, The Perfect Shake, which is exclusively distributed via her website,”>

The formula infuses amino acids (muscle builders) and mega greens into a shake. “People can add this to their diet without taking anything away and start seeing results. The nutrients will decrease weight and detox the liver to burn more fat,” according to Jackie. 

Caloric intake is also a progress barometer. For example, an average woman should eat about 1,500 calories per day. She suggests eating three meals with about 400 calories and then two snacks with 150 calories each.  On the 6th or 7th day, she recommends rewarding yourself with a cheat meal.

Cheating our bodies is something that most people have learned to do by overeating processed foods. However, when your body is clogged with processed foods, it can’t tell us that we are full and then we begin to overeat. That is because our naturally excreted chemical “full” trigger, leptin, is not released.  This debilitating cycle can be broken. “When we start making a connection with our body, we will begin to see changes. For instance, drinking three liters of water daily burns 75 calories. By doing just this, you burn a pound of fat per month,” advises Jackie. 

Her fascination with the body and in particular the science of our body is the cornerstone of her upcoming book. It will discuss the metaphysics of diet and exercise along with the principles of energy and exercise in a compact, easy to read presentation.

Jackie Warner is quickly becoming a one-stop healthy lifestyle sensation backed with substance. By my observation, Jackie is just getting started.

The Arm-Throbbing, Butt-Blasting, Gutt-Busting Bootcamp

Here’s a taste of the fitness experiences of her Bootcamp workout (abbreviated) and new DVD “Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie.”

The sunny, breezy day and a 360 degree view of LA provided a beautiful backdrop for an excruciating Bootcamp. If you want to whine, call your mom. This woman is not having it. She gets down to it (without yelling) and pushes you to another level you may not have envisioned. Plus, she is a bit intimidating so you dig in and do it.

The session started off with two trips up and down the stairs from the SkySport Penthouse (13th floor) to the bottom of the building. On the way back you, you were to take two steps at a time.  This is when I knew my hour was going to be really interesting.

After that slight warmup, we dropped and pumped out push-ups for one minute. Those were quickly followed by up and down planks. Start in plank position which is with your arms under your shoulders, back straight, hips slightly tucked in and your legs extended straight behind you on your toes. You lower down to your elbows, one arm at a time, and then rise up one hand at a time to the starting position for 20 sets. You don’t drop to your knees, break form or stop. Repeat the entire arm training set for the second time.

Everything is done twice in this class. Smile!

Now it’s time for another refreshing set of stairs. But you get a break and only go down to the 5th floor twice.  By this time my class was in serious trouble, holding up the walls of the 12th floor and panting like desert dogs.

Naturally after our legs were turned to rubber, her focus shifted to working the legs. We started with 20 reps of alternating front lunges. Keep your knee over the ankle, chest out, shoulders back and hands clasped in front of your chest.  The next exercise was squats. Assume the squat position with your chest out and shoulders back. Stick your butt out and squat down deeply making sure all weight is on your back legs/derriere with your toes slightly lifted off the ground. Squeeze up at both the top and bottom. Do 20 reps.

The squat position is retained with a Jackie move coined UFC’s. Start in the squat position. Lower your right leg down as you twist your waist and move your knee in towards the center of your body. Repeat with your left leg. Come back up to squat position only by twisting your abs and lifting the right knee/leg and then the left knee/leg to its starting position. Your body should be open and low. Do not stand up. Do 20 reps of these (down and up is one set). This was a new move to me. Even though it was hard, it was actually fun. She’s great at creating new, signature moves like this to keep your workout fresh.

Next, do 10 Russian lunges which are similar to front lunges but instead of stepping forward you jump up a few inches, switch legs in the air and then land in a lunge position. You never fully land; you keep in motion while maintaining form.

After we could barely stand, she moved on to mat exercises. At first I thought thank goodness but again quickly realized that her intensity was not subsiding. Our mat work targeted our core. Here are a couple of burners:

·         Bicycles. Lying on your back, arms behind your head and legs stretched in front of you, you begin alternating arm to knee while keeping your shoulders off the mat, abs engaged and a strong oblique twist. Twenty of these hit multiple spots.

·         Side Plank with a Twist. Start in plank position but twist to your side keeping your feet stacked and create space between your torso and the mat. Keep your supporting bent at the elbow with your forearm on the mat. Bend the opposite arm placing your hand by your ear. Now, staying up high, twist your top side so that your elbow touches the mat, if you can and come up to starting position. Repeat for 20.

The workout ends with total body stretches.

By this time, you are shell-shocked into a new physical and mental plane that inspires you to take quick stock of your physical condition. You are relieved that the pain is over but you counter intuitively run over to thank her and sign up for the next butt-kicking Bootcamp.

Note: If you want to mimic this workout, run up and down stadium stairs in a zigzag line at your local high-school or college track.

“Workout: One-on-One Training with Jackie” DVD Review

This is definitely not another exercise video. In my personal stash of hundreds, this one is at the top of my list for a serious workout. Jackie doesn’t tone it down just because you are doing this at home. She brings it full force. It is up to you to step up to the challenge.

The DVD is divided into three, 20-minute workouts targeting your arms, legs and core. You can do just one work out by body group or combine them for a challenging 60-minute throw down.

The set is contemporary and warm and the music is on point. With Jackie and her top trainers working alongside you, it feels as if you are training with a group of friends.

The pace is just right. It moves quickly, but doesn’t lose you. She achieves her one-on-one training appeal by rotating her trainers through various exercises during which they naturally interact. Jackie portrays herself as a demanding but encouraging coach and not a talking head.

She works each muscle group with warm ups and cool downs. She incorporates cardio moves intermixed with resistance training throughout. The cardio blast sessions repeat the muscle groups worked prior with resistance training.  She introduces new exercises to keep the movements fresh. Her innovation of moves really shines through and keeps you engaged.

The DVD has an energetic vibe that pushes you to the next level yet honors you for where you are now. From beginning to advanced fitness levels, Jackie and her trainers provide modified exercises to accommodate a range of abilities. She also gives you the option of incorporating weights, but doesn’t provide guidance for the actual poundage which is left up to your discretion.

She explains the exercises and the names of each are scripted in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. She gives you tips for results and improving your performance. And she motivates you to finish each move once you’ve reached the point of exhaustion.

The DVD is a mere $14.95 which is less than an unused gym membership or four gallons of gas.  If you want a strong, ripped bod, then just plug and play.

For more fitness tips, workouts, her products (shake, apparel, DVD and more) plus her facility, visit,”>

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