Six misunderstanding about trx fitness training

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Six misunderstanding about trx fitness training

Author: tjlvan
The fitness training is know by every body, how ever, a lot of people may have some misunderstanding about it, this article will help them to correct it.

  1. People will get fitness training as long as they go to gyms.
    This may be most people’s thoughts. But in fact, if the purpose of exercise is not clear, not get professional guidance, not have a good, positive attitude and unreasonable forms of exercise, all these may lead to you can’t achieve the purpose of fitness.
  2. Every time when you do the trx suspension training, you should be sweat profusely
    The sweating can quickly lower the body temperature, but to other parts of the body, it doesn’t have so much impact, it will not lose weight. You may lose some weight after the fitness training, but this is only a body temporary phenomenon caused by water loss. Once you intake enough water, your weight will subsequently restored.
  3. The best way to reduce abdominal-fat is to do abdominal exercises.
    Many people especially women think that, the specific area’s fat will “burn” after the specific area’s muscles get exercise, so that can also achieve the goals of weight loss. Actually, no matter what kind of exercise you take, all parts of your body will burn the fat. If you want to lose localized fat in the body, you should add the local campaign after the whole body workout.
  4. Compare to walking one kilometer, More calories burned when jog one kilometer.
    From the point of view of kinematic, whether you run one kilometer, or walk one kilometer, the energy consumption from your body should be the same. Because the energy consumption relates with your movement distance, and it has nothing to do with the speed of your movement. So you should try to extend the exercise time in any circumstances.
  5. The flexibility of muscle can be keep with sustained intense stretching exercises.Twist, bend, stretch around the waist, such movement are stretching. These actions should be done slowly, but not too much force, You must always remember: stretching exercises is to let muscle relaxation, release, and the intense exercise will make your muscles become tighter.
  6. Without exercise every day, people can also keep fitness.Kinematic sense tells us that, as long as muscle exercising stop, it will quickly lose its strength, so after 48 or 72 hours later, you must exercise in order to maintain good muscle condition, though exercise every day is the best way to keep your body healthy , but if you are really too busy, please take training at least every two days.

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