Golf Fitness Training Programs and Golf Fitness Exercises for Core Strength

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Golf Fitness Training Programs and Golf Fitness Exercises for Core Strength

Author: Sean Cochran

Golf fitness training programs and golf fitness exercises can improve your core strength. Core strength is essential in driving the golf ball farther off the tee box. In order to drive the golf ball farther it is necessary to increase the club head speed at which the driver impacts the golf ball. Two parts exist in this equation of increasing clubhead speed. One part revolves around the implementation of golf fitness exercises to improve core strength. A second part of this equation is connected to the mechanics of the golf swing.

Increasing club head speed occurs by improvement in two areas. Number one is your swing mechanics. The more efficient at which you execute the biomechanics of the golf swing, the greater amount of energy will be translated into the golf ball at impact. So, first and foremost, increasing club head speed is directly connected to your swing mechanics.

The second part of increasing club head speed is connected to your body. In order to execute the biomechanics of the golf swing efficiently, certain levels of flexibility, strength, endurance, and power are required from your muscular system. If you are lacking in any of these physical capacities, the ability to execute the golf swing will be inhibited.

The results will be compensations and a loss of club head speed at impact. In order to ensure the body has the required levels of flexibility, strength, endurance, and power to execute a swing, golf specific exercises can be implemented into a training program.

Such a training program will focus upon the core section of your body. The core is a reference to an anatomical area of the body from just above the knees to just below the chest. The core incorporates all the muscles of the front, sides, and back of the body. Muscles groups found within the core are the glutes, abdominals, obliques, and hamstrings.

Why does a golf specific training program focus upon the core?

Simply because the majority of movements of the golf swing involve the musculature of the core, and for this reason these muscles need to be flexible, strong, and power. Knowing the importance of the core relative to the golf swing, the next question to ask is how can we increase club head speed with training the core?

Club head speed in terms of the body is measured as power. Increasing the power outputs of the core will assist in improving your club head speed. Assuming you have developed the required levels of flexibility, strength, and endurance within the core to simply execute the biomechanics of the golf swing efficiently. The addition of golf fitness power training exercises will assist in improving the power outputs for the golf swing.

These types of golf fitness exercises will focus on creating increased force outputs by the core in a rotational movement pattern. Exercises often found in this section of a core program for golf are medicine ball side throws, medicine ball reverse throws, jump squats, and medicine ball overhead throws. All of these exercises develop the power outputs of the core over time if performed on a consistent basis. If you are looking for golf fitness exercises for the core and golf fitness programs please visit my website for more information in both of these areas.  Remember, increasing club head speed is contingent upon both your swing mechanics and body. Improvement in both of these areas is required if the desire is to increase the distance of your drives.

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Sean Cochran is one of the most recognized golf fitness instructors in the world today. He travels the PGA Tour regularly working with PGA Professionals, most notably Masters and PGA Champion Phil Mickelson. To learn more about Sean Cochran, his golf fitness programs and golf exercises go to

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