Find the Right Golf Fitness Book For You

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Find the Right Golf Fitness Book For You

Author: Maxx Johnson

Do you want to transform your body? Do you want to transform your golf game? How do you go about finding the right golf fitness book or golf training book for yourself? Golf fitness books are written to give you ready-made golf fitness programs, exercises, step-by-step instructions and illustrations can quickly transform your body and your golf game. So then the questions become: what are the components of a complete golf fitness book? and what areas should a golf fitness book should cover?

Basically, golf fitness books should cover the following four topics:

1. Golf strength specific exercises
2. Golf flexibility
3. Aerobic conditioning or endurance training for golf
4. Golf nutrition

Keep in mind that all four of these topics should be specifically designed for a golfer and not for a person looking to just improve their physical fitness. The book you choose to improve your golf and fitness should offer multiple plans for different physical levels. In addition, the book should have a golf fitness evaluation in the book to determine your current golf fitness level and ultimately decide on the starting point for your program. Using this type of book, you are sure that the program or exercises you are using are right for you and the program will help your game not hurt it.

The main reason I hear from my students on why they put off beginning a golf training program is that they are not sure where to start and knowing they are in the right golf fitness program for them.

In addition, the golf fitness book should discuss the direct benefits of any exercise to a golf swing. Many people are motivated to use a golf exercise or a golf exercise program once they read and understand how it will benefit their game.

Finally, a golf fitness book should have progressive golf fitness exercises and complete golf fitness programs. You should be able to logically see how these fitness exercises and golf programs to take you to your next level. Many books offer general exercises that are not golf-specific and in turn, have no logical sense of format or progression. This will only leave you frustrated and not knowing where to start and if you do start a program unable to chart any progress.

Of course before beginning any fitness program, it is wise to check with your doctor or physician before you begin. Do not let this discourage you if you are out of shape. This visit would just be to determine a safe starting point for you. Although the starting point could be more remedial than you thought, it will just give you an even greater sense of pride once you accomplish you goals. Where you begin is not good or bad it is what one of my friends says all the time “It is what it is.”

To find a golf fitness book that works for you, the next time you go to a bookstore or get online and do a search for golf fitness books, make sure you thoroughly evaluate the explanation and chapters to reassure you are doing the right thing.

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