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Exercise and Fitness Equipment by MyReviewsNow

Author: chickie maxwell

Today’s home can include a variety of popular exercise and fitness equipment. This type of equipment is specifically designed to fit inside a home so busy or shy individuals do not have to get a gym membership to stay fit. Some of these machines can deliver weight lifting to cardio, while others target one workout type or part of the body. 


Treadmills are arguably the most popular piece of home exercise and fitness equipment. They target all areas of the body with a cardio workout. However, they are particularly good for strengthening the legs. Nonetheless, they do help with overall weight loss and stamina as well. One of the best things about treadmills is that people of just about any age can use them. They have settings so people who are injured, in poor health or who are advancing in age can set them to a slower pace — even at a slow walk. 


Ellipticals are machines that work the arms, legs and core of the person working out. The machines are designed to deliver low-impact to the joints, so less damage is done during the workout. Depending on the design, elliptical machines can give you the same workout as walking, running and climbing stairs. They tone muscles while giving the user a cardio workout.

Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are exactly what they sound like. They are bikes that do not move, so you can get the same cardio and muscle-toning workout as you do on a bicycle, but in your home. The only difference is the impact of terrain and steering you would do with a moving bicycle. 

Home Gym

Home gyms come in a variety of styles. However, they all deliver weight lifting exercises. When it comes to exercise and fitness equipment, a home gym should be the only equipment you need in your home, if you can get cardio elsewhere. A good home gym can target every muscle in your body with a variety of workouts. The weight system may be resistance or traditional weights. Either way, used right, a home gym will help you build muscle, tone muscle and may even have options for cardio. 

Pull-up Bars

Pull-up bars for home are typically pieces of metal designed to hang in a doorframe while supporting the weight of a single person. This piece of fitness equipment targets the abs, chest, shoulders and arms. You can do pull ups, chin-ups, crunches and more with these bars. 

Ab Equipment

Home exercise and fitness equipment has seen a boon in a type of item — ab equipment. People always want to target their stomachs, as it is a problem area for many. There are items that provide resistance when doing sit-ups or crunches, equipment that puts the user at an angle so their crunches are more of a workout and much more. 

Exercise and fitness equipment must to suit the needs of the user and the space to be effective. Choose items that fit comfortably in your home, while leaving you room to workout. Also, choose items that will be gentle on your body, such as elliptical machines, if you have injuries. Make sure you are combining strength and agility training with cardio so you look great, but are also taking good care of your body. Mix and match equipment until you have a workout that works for you.

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