Weight Loss With Herbalife – is This Diet a Joke?

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was started to give people a healthy fat loss diet option. Because "Diets Do Not Work"!
Every Other Day Diet German – Die Alle Zwei Tage Diaet

Weight Loss With Herbalife – is This Diet a Joke?

Author: Phil Hixon

Want to spend a lot of money and waste a little time? Then the Herbalife diet is perfect for you. This bandaid diet has you eating one meal at night and drinking shakes and eating diet pills the rest of the day.

Frequency Of Meals

Breakfast – Shake and two diet pills and a multivitamin

Lunch – Same as breakfast (I’m laughing as I type this)

Dinner – A well balanced meal (a well balanced meal? You better eat a WHOLE farm to make up for all the deficiencies in this diet!) 2 more diet pills and a multivitamin

How Much Are You Gonna Pay?

This weight loss program is out there to generate income vs. long term sustainable health. This diet WILL cost you because of that. You will be paying upwards of four to five dollars a day. That’s almost $150 a month! Once you quit the diet you need to get right back on it to lose the weight again… GOTCHA! Very smart of them.

Who Should Do This Diet

If you have the extra cash, need to lose weight really quickly and don’t mind gaining it back right away this diet is perfect for you. But then again, why not just save the money and drink that lemonade pepper for two weeks straight. Throw in a small meal at night.

Who Should NOT Do This Diet

If you are looking for a legitimate long term weight loss solution then keep moving. Remember. Find a diet that fits who you are and your personality. Will Herbalife diet work for some? I’m sure it will. If you are the type of person that doesn’t mind eating food once per day and drinking shakes for the rest of your life then that’s good.

But if that isn’t you then keep moving and look for something that will teach you to eat right, something that you can stick to, and something that is easy to follow. There are many diets that work out there. Find the one that is congruent with your personality because you will stick to it long term which is the most important thing.

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