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◄◄ – NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING REMEDIES – SKIN LIGHTENING HOME REMEDIES Staining of the face are very difficult to control. They usually appear when there is excess pigmentation, as well as when the skin is exposed to extreme temperatures and the strength of the contamination. As we age the production of melanin in the body decreases, leading to dark reddish or white spots. However, there are home remedies that can really make them disappear. The following are home remedies for dark spots on the face Aloe Vera: You can safely use Aloe Vera daily as a facial cleanser natural. It helps reduce imperfections and impurities in the face. Vegetable pieces: With fresh-cut is a good way to naturally lighten dark spots on the face. Use freshly cut and chilled cucumber, potato or tomato to rub the affected area. This procedure can be performed in the morning or before going to bed at night. Natural exfoliant: Using natural exfoliating is highly recommended to remove dead skin cells, especially in the face. You may use as a natural exfoliating the combination of shredded orange peel and yogurt. Apply the scrub on the affected area and let dry completely before washing with water. Onion and garlic juice: Onion and garlic juice can help fade skin spots. Apply the mixture on the dark spots and wait 15 minutes before rinsing your face. Make sure you do not forget to wash your face and the onion and garlic have strong smell. Lemon juice Lemon juice <b>…</b>
Skin Whitening Report For 24 Embarrassing Dark Spots On Face And Body

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