All About Skin Lightening

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that safe?100% YESSSS, all raw materials used is organic plus no preservative chemical attached Crystal Plus Beauty and Body Essentials * Carefully Chosen Ingredients * No Preservatives (No Costic Acids) 5 years Shelf Life for other brands compared to Crystal Plus products for only 2 years * First company to incorporate STEM CELL, EMU OIL, CLAIRE BLANCHE & MANDERLAT * Multi-National Company that doesn’t spend for advertisements, prints & etc. * All in one Wonder Kit * Raw materials (made from Switzerland) that are locally manufactured. Products * CRYSTAL PLUS DAY SOAP An all-in-one skin whitening soap with anti-cellulite action to effectively result to lighter, tighter skin. Best used with the Body Scrub. Components: Clair Blanche—-Glutathione with Kogic Acid & Arbutin Stem Cell——rejuvenates dead skin cells Mint— for that cool and refreshing feeling Tomato Extract—–for pinkish-whitish skin Slimming Seaweed Extract— takes out cellulite when applied Almond Blossom Extract—-relaxes and rejuvenates one’s aura * CRYSTAL PLUS NIGHT SOAP Tightens wrinkles, lightens age spots, takes <b>…</b>
Skin Whitening Report For 24 Embarrassing Dark Spots On Face And Body

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