How To Detoxify And Cleanse From Toxins Derived From Smoking

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How To Detoxify And Cleanse From Toxins Derived From Smoking

Author: Sandra Kim Leong

It should come no surprise that you should stop smoking. When you first picked up smoking, you did not realize that a social activity can result in an addiction. You thought you would be able to stop when you want to. But soon, found that it is hard to kick this addiction. Perhaps reading this article today can be another reminder that you should really detoxify and cleanse yourself from the toxins derived from years of chain smoking.

Smoking introduces nicotine and other compounds into your body. They result in a high toxin level in your body. Over a period in time and with increased frequency, the toxins accumulate in your body, posing tremendous danger to its vital organs and the functioning of your lungs, in particular.

The most harmful agents in cigarettes are nicotine and the carbon monoxide inhaled from the smoke. There is actually a cocktail of lethal gases emitted from smoking. These lethal gases include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, together with oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Carbon monoxide causes your oxygen levels inside your body to drop drastically. Oxygen is needed by your cells for proper functioning. Unfortunately, there are more chemicals than ever that can be found in cigarettes compared to previously. This is due in part to the way they are produced, thus making them even more harmful.

If you wish to detoxify and cleanse yourself of these toxins, then the first thing you would need to do is to stop smoking. There is no other way but this to guarantee a healthy future. Quitting smoking is the start of a program that can help cleanse your body through the many years of toxin build up. You can then proceed to regaining your health. Regaining health will require a lot more time and effort. It is possible to obtain an optimal performance from your body by adopting a new diet and exercise routine.

A healthy diet that can aid in nicotine and carbon monoxide detox should be followed for the duration of life even after quitting smoking. You should include an abundance of fruits and vegetables in your new diet. Also, drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and to soothe your dry throat from years of smoking. Whole grains are helpful as they provide antioxidant benefits to your detox program. Most of the fats consumed should come from seeds and nuts; healthy legumes provide healthy protein essential in maintaining the body.

Since smoking wreaks havoc on the excretory system, your bowels need special care during this time. Consuming high amounts of fiber can aid in this process; maintaining regular bowel function is essential in eliminating all toxins from the body. While on the program, optimizing intake of wholesome foods should be compounded by the steady decrease in those that are unhealthy. You would need to cut down the fats, fried foods, and alcohol previously consumed while smoking. These are also the same foods that reduce proper bowel activity, resulting in sluggish elimination.

To accelerate the healing of your body, you can also consider consuming an antioxidant supplement while detoxifying your body from smoke. An antioxidant supplement should help you reduce free radical production and lower your toxicity levels. Do not wait any longer as another day of toxins would just make things worse for your health. Start today and kick away the harmful and addictive habit!

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20 Responses to “How To Detoxify And Cleanse From Toxins Derived From Smoking”

  1. doughnut2006 says:

    All I seem to hear about is why people should pack up smoking. Well if that is the case, why do the Government not make all Quit Smoking Aids FREE from Pharmacies. Junkies can get Needles Free, Why Not Patches/Gum for Smokers.
    I Live in London, Uk
    To TOECEE where do you Live??? Not Free at my Doctors I asked.

  2. BubbleGumBoobs! says:

    I was a smoker, started when I was 11- and married at 16, the moment the DR said I was preggers, as I walked out of the DR office, I dump my cigaretts in the garbage can!
    stay quit foir nine months…. all on my own, it is a mind thing, anything you set your mind to do, you can do it.
    I will admit though some things are more difficult for some others, like I cant seem to loose weight for the life of me! but I drop them smokes like a hot potato!
    I want to add, I would goi back to smoking each time I had my baby- (had 3 of them) and when my baby daughter was 2- she picked up a pencil and was pretending to smoke- I said right then NO MORE.
    That has been almost 17 years ago.
    and I have not had a single smoke.

  3. azadk says:

    I want to quit smoking and I need free patches .

  4. bobbik says:

    Most insurance plans cover patches now. Check with your doctor and insurance provider.

  5. tragickingdom06 says:

    I asked my boyfriend to quit smoking and for almost a week now he has. But recently he has told me that he is not ready to quit after 4 years of smoking. He says he is too stressed to quit right now. I have told him that it is always going to be hard for him but he is doing so good now, why give up. I just need to know how to help and encourage him to quit. I also need to know a good way to help him relieve some stress.

  6. DavidK says:

    Going to the doctor will help your boyfriend as the doctor might be albe to suggest a few things to him to try. I hope it works good luck.

  7. Hanser says:

    Hi, I’m currently on a fitness program but am also smoking. I really want to quit (two days smoke free after three years of smoking, before I relapsed). I’m finding it hard to find a substitute (thats not nicotine) so I think that munching on food will help when I have a craving.

    How much weight will I put on if I keep doing this until the cravings stop?

  8. Hannah says:

    If you eat to satisfy your cravings, eat something with little calories. How about celery or carrot sticks? They’re kinda shaped like cigarettes too. Fruit is good too. The more you exercise the less you will want to smoke. You will only put on weight if you eat junk. What every you do make sure it is healthy because the cravings take a very long time to go away, and some people say they can still come back years later. I think I’m going to be a smoker until it kills me, so good for you for quitting.

  9. jasonr says:

    what are the best websites to promote a new quit smoking aid for free?? this worked for me so well i just have to let other smokers know about it!!

  10. Sierrakaty says:

    Put it on this one. Please. I have set a quite day myself for next Saturday and the time is drawing near. Thanking you in advance! Also, you might want to email They are a great non smoking support web site that might have just the information you are looking for. But in the meantime, really, send it my way. thanks, kathy

  11. GerriR says:

    How well does hypnosis work for quitting smoking?
    How much do professionals charge for quitting smoking hypnosis sessions?
    How many times do you have to get hypnotized before it works?
    If there are no FREE download programs, where can I get a free or cheap CD or DVD program to quit with hypnosis?

  12. HelenMae says:

    There are free programs for quitting smoking (, but I don’t know of any that involve hypnosis. You can shop around with hypnotherapists; some may be expensive, some not. My ex was a hypnotherapist and pretty reasonable, and I think for smoking he used to use maybe five or six sessions. A lot depends on you, how well you go under, how well you retain the post-hypnotic suggestions.

    Good luck to you!

  13. pretty_in_pink_pa says:

    I quit smoking on April 2 of this year so I have a little over two months quit now. Just wondering if anyone out there has lost weight after quitting and if so how long did you wait to “diet” after becoming smoke free? I don’t want to start to cut back on food too soon and end up tempting myself into smoking. But I don’t want to use my quitting smoking as an excuse to eat like a hog forever either. Oh, I’m so freakin’ confused!!! Any REAL answers would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  14. mummabellybump says:

    Just start some exercise it will also help get your mind off smoking and help your health!
    Eat healthily at same time but dont be hard on yourself cos you are exercising so you are burning off what you eat anyway!
    Walking for half an hour a day will do it! I lost weight that way.
    Good luck! You are doing well!

  15. Katrina says:

    I have quit smoking many times. I have been smoke free for around 6 months and I still get very extreme cravings for cigarettes six months later. How long will this last? Will they ever completely go away?

  16. Tiny says:

    It DOES go away. I quit 15 years ago but will admit I still occasionally get a gnarly craving for a smoke but that only happens once or twice a year. I remember that it took almost five years before I was craving free and wasn’t thinking about smoking anymore.

  17. panthrguy21 says:

    I’m just wondering if anyone out there knows of any products that are really free to help people quit smoking? I’ve spent enough money smoking, I really don’t want to pay to kick the habit too. Please tell me there’s something out there to help people quit for free. Blogs and support groups just don’t work for me.

  18. nicolie-olie♥ says:

    possible reasons…
    1)Because not a lot of people want to quit, so therefore they don’t sell a lot of “quit smoking” products, which is why they are so expensive. ( They have to make money somehow)
    2) because they actually work!
    3) It’s actually more expensive to smoke…you’re spending however much to quit ONE TIME but you’re spending that $7 bucks or whatever the heck it is about once, maybe even twice a week… for the rest of your life!

  19. ? says:

    I want to help my boyfriend quit smoking. He quit once, but started again. Is there any where that I can get free information (etc) mailed to him?

  20. Toejam says:

    sure there is contact you local health clinic or hospital can provide information to help kick the habit.Be sure that it is what he wants don’t force him into it as you have more hope of beating the addiction by cutting down to zero that stopping straight away
    p.s you could alway try nicotine patches but you will find you spend more money on them than a pack of ciggarettes
    good luck