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Weight Loss Recipes Sugar Free Unicorn Protein Shake

I just had to make my own version of that darn Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino concoction that is all over my timeline. Now I’m not sure how the real deal tastes because it’s like 39 grams of sugar for the tall which would be a ticket to dump city post weight loss surgery but I heard from a […]

Weight Loss Recipes Life Post Weight Loss Surgery: Exercise – 5 for Free

There’s no reason you have to join an expensive gym to exercise. Don’t get me wrong I think it is super important to MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY DAY but a lot of people get sucked into a sales pitch, get all gung-ho for about 2 months then watch as the membership fee is debited from […]

Weight Loss Recipes Pumpkin Spice Recipes – Sugar Free Low Carb Protein Packed

Every year it seems a new pumpkin spice product is introduced but along with the yummy fall flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg those creations usually come with a lot of sugar too. Here’s some of my favorite weight loss surgery friendly (sugar free, low carb and protein packed) ways to get in on all […]

Weight Loss Recipes Healthy Sugar Free Recipes for World Chocolate Day

It’s World Chocolate Day so in honor of that here’s a roundup of some of my favorite weight loss surgery friendly, low carb, sugar free, protein-packed ways to celebrate… Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Premier Protein: News, Free Sample and Summer Recipe

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. I’m excited to share some Premier Protein® news, a way to get a FREE bar or shake and a fun summer recipe! Link to this post!