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Weight Loss Recipes Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: Appetizers, Sides & Desserts

Are you in charge of bringing an appetizer, side dish or dessert to Thanksgiving dinner? Consider bringing one of these fun, healthy (and bariatric surgery friendly) recipes. You will be sure to have something to go with that protein-packed turkey and I promise your non-op family and friends will enjoy them too. Link to this […]

Weight Loss Recipes Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Desserts

In the mood for a treat but want to keep your health goals intact. Satisfy your sweet tooth with any of these delicious, weight loss surgery friendly, low carb, protein packed, no sugar added dessert recipes. Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes My Berry Favorite Valentine’s Day Desserts

Looking for some no sugar added, protein-packed, Valentine’s Day sweet treats for you and your loved ones that are delicious but won’t massacre your health goals. Here’s some of my very (or should I say berry) favorite Valentine recipes that are guaranteed to win anyone’s heart. Link to this post!