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Weight Loss Recipes Summer Dessert Recipe: Protein Jello Gelatin Cups

If you live in a city with a large Mexican population you have undoubtedly seen those little jello cups in markets some look like traditional jello cups but some have a milky, creamy look. They are called Gelatina de Leche, it’s Jello with sweetened condensed milk mixed in. I always buy a few for my […]

Weight Loss Recipes Fall Dessert: Protein Pudding Parfaits

Thanksgiving in America is typically known for watching the Macy’s parade and football on TV, trying not to argue about politics with relatives and feasting until you slip into a food induced coma on the couch. Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Healthy 4th of July Dessert: Red, White and Blue Layered Protein Cake Jars

As promised in yesterday’s big Healthy 4th of July recipe post here’s the recipe and assembly steps for the Red, White & Blue Layered Protein Cake Jars. Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Looking for a weight loss surgery friendly Valentine’s Day dessert? Show your loved ones how much you care with one of these healthier, homemade, protein packed, sweet Valentine’s Day recipes. Making healthy choices will keep you and those you love in each others lives longer ❤ Link to this post!