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Weight Loss Recipes Coffee Lovers Protein Packed Recipes Just For You

I made a coffee version of the Protein Balls I made the other day. I used Chike High Protein Iced Coffee. If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. My favorite is the Mocha flavor. It’s great with water but I prefer it with milk and a little ice and whizzed in the blender […]

Weight Loss Recipes My DIY Coffee Bar Project

I have a pretty small, older kitchen, it really needs a remodel but since that is not in the cards (until a money tree grows in the backyard or lottery win) I had an idea to free up some counter space by moving my coffee machine and related items. I was in search of a […]

Weight Loss Recipes Win It Before You Can Buy It Coffee Protein Giveaway

Chike Nutrition has a brand new flavor of their High Protein Iced Coffee coming out very soon but I got my hands on a couple of the first tubs off the line. Keep checking Chike’s Facebook page for the official announcement but I asked if I could share the news and one of my tubs […]