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Weight Loss Recipes Take it Outside: Bento Box Lunches

Sometimes, you just need to go outside, breathe some fresh air and watch the clouds float by. If you are able to bring your lunch outside I highly recommend it. Get out of the break room, the office or cubicle, find a grassy spot, park bench or patio table to eat lunch. My job has […]

Weight Loss Recipes Lunch: Protein On-the-Go Product Finds and Bento Box Ideas

I was chatting with a reader the other day about all the quick protein-on-the-go options that we’ve spotted lately. We disagreed on a few we liked or didn’t care for but agreed, that it’s nice to have more choices. Now some are definitely healthier (watch those sodium, nitrates/nitrites, portion sizes, etc.) and some are tastier […]

Weight Loss Recipes Bento Box Bonanza

The weather really has been perfect. I have been able to set up outside most days and work from my patio. Part of my job is online and some days I am on conference calls for work or the Obesity Action Coalition so as long as the neighbor’s dog doesn’t start barking or they turn […]

Weight Loss Recipes Oodles of Healthy Bento Box Lunch Ideas

For those new to the blog, I work from home mostly (it has it’s good & not so good points) so as long as I can get access to wifi and a phone I am good to go. The great weather lately (it’s about to get triple digit HOT) has had me spending most of […]

Weight Loss Recipes Bento Box Lunches

Most days I am able to work from home. I especially love the days I am able to fill my bento box with some snacks and/or lunch and move my “office” to the patio. Thankfully I can do most anything from there unless it’s raining (computers and water do not mix) or my neighbor’s who […]