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Weight Loss Recipes Premier Protein Peaches and Caramel Baked Pancake

This post is sponsored by Premier Protein®. I’m excited to share this delicious, healthy breakfast recipe I created using the latest flavor of Premier Protein® shakes Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Breakfast for Mom: Baked Raspberry Pancake

Start your Mother’s Day with my protein packed, delicious Baked Raspberry Pancake (aka Clafoutis “kla-foo-TEE”) a traditional French dish of fruit suspended in a pancake-like batter. It sounds fancy pants and hard to make but don’t worry it actually takes just minutes to prepare this breakfast… in a blender! Link to this post!

Weight Loss Recipes Baked Scotch Eggs

The other day a blog reader asked if I had a healthier version of Scotch Eggs. It was a bizarre coincidence because literally the day before I had been brainstorming with my Mum how I might slim down the traditional United Kingdom belly bombs. Scotch eggs are a traditional pub fair and picnic food in […]