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Weight Loss Recipes Cool Eats – Foods to eat in yet another heat wave

So once again we are dealing with triple digit temperatures this weekend. “But it’s a dry heat.” Yeah, yeah. It’s dry but once you are over 100… it’s just HOT. I have been doing the usual avoiding turning on the oven, cooking everything I need for the day early in the AM (it was almost 80°F […]

Weight Loss Recipes Finally! Another Quinoa Recipe I Love

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile you know I’m not a big quinoa fan. I could never understand how people loved it so much. I tried it so many ways over the years in salads, stews, as a hot breakfast cereal type thing, as a filling in stuffed peppers. You name it, I tried […]

Weight Loss Smoothies: Another Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

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